NIO 500000 vehicles off the production line
NIO 500000 vehicles off the production line

Recently, NIO Auto officially released its first quarter financial report. NIO’s revenue in the first quarter was 9.91 billion yuan, with a gross profit margin of 9.2%, cash reserves of 45.3 billion yuan, and research and development expenses of 2.86 billion yuan. The delivery guidelines for the second quarter of 2024 were 54000 to 56000 units, a year-on-year increase of 129.6% to 138.1%; The revenue guidance was 16.59 billion to 17.14 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 89.1% to 95.3%.

NIO's Q1 revenue
NIO’s Q1 revenue

Not long ago, NIO released a new brand, the Ledo. The first model, the Ledo L60, was unveiled and pre ordered. The car is aimed at the high cost performance home market and has a pre-sale price of 219900 yuan. It will be launched and delivered in September. The car adopts a coupe style, with a dynamic and fashionable overall feel. It is equipped with a 17.2-inch 3K retina level central control screen and a 13 inch HUD head up display inside the car. It is built on the 900V silicon carbide platform, with a range of over 555km, 730km, and 1000+km, and supports battery swapping.

NIO is still accelerating the layout of its charging network. On June 13th, NIO’s world’s first fourth generation battery swapping station and 640kW fully liquid cooled ultrafast charging pile will be officially launched at the Huadi Plaza in Liwan, Guangzhou. The NIO 640kW fully liquid cooled ultra fast charging pile has a maximum output current of 765A and a maximum output voltage of 1000V. NIO’s world’s first fourth generation battery swapping station has 23 slots, with a maximum daily service of 480 times and a 22% increase in battery swapping speed.

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