Recently, Tesla welcomed an OTA upgrade, with a significant optimization and upgrade of the car interface. This upgrade includes the launch of holographic driving, city lane level navigation, a brand new driving interface and navigation with boundaryless hanging windows, an upgraded parking sprite, and an automatic trunk opening, enabling faster route switching.

Tesla OAT Update
Tesla OAT Update

1.Interactive interface for all models has been upgraded

Firstly, Tesla has upgraded its immersive interactive interface for all models, providing a full screen immersive view. The homepage updates the music player card, with more playback functions accessible with just one click, as well as commonly used functions such as a flexible window for quick interaction.

2.The urban lane level navigation will be launched

Secondly, the urban lane level navigation will be launched, achieving a 3D navigation interface, covering the lane level navigation of urban roads, 3D rendering of street view buildings, and visualization of road conditions on a large screen.

3.The driving interface has been upgraded

Thirdly, the driving interface has been upgraded, achieving immersive display on a large screen for the first time, and the navigation information can be dragged and stored in an unbounded hanging window. The vehicle, pedestrian, and road sign information is complete, and the brake lights and turn signals of surrounding vehicles can be recognized.

4.The automatic parking function has been upgraded

Fourthly, the automatic parking function has been upgraded, with the introduction of the “Parking Genie”. Vehicles equipped with EAP (Enhanced Autonomous Driving Assistance) or FSD (Fully Autonomous Driving Ability) will have recommended parking spaces highlighted on the screen when driving at low speeds. Click on the available parking spaces, then click “Start” after parking, and release the steering wheel to automatically park.

5. The route switching function has been upgraded

Fifthly, the route switching function has been upgraded, allowing for faster one click route switching. The top of the turn list reminds you to click confirm to switch. Alternative routes during the trip can also be switched with just one click.

6.The trunk will automatically open

Sixth, the trunk will automatically open. Turn on the phone key function on the Tesla App, and carry your phone at the rear of the car to automatically open the trunk, making it easier to carry heavy objects onto the vehicle.

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