Tesla car accident
Tesla car accident

Recently, according to relevant media reports, three days before the May Day holiday, a couple in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province had an accident while driving a Tesla Model Y home. The vehicle crashed into a cliff on a winding mountain road, and the two died despite rescue efforts.

According to reports, the car was purchased only about 6 months before the accident occurred.And the occurrence of the accident also raises doubts among family members. Firstly, the speed of the vehicle was as high as 120 kilometers before falling off the cliff, but there were no signs of braking at the scene of the incident. The winding mountain road was already winding, so how could the vehicle reach such a high speed per hour; The second point is that there were no signs of vehicle braking at the scene after the accident. And the driver of the vehicle is a person with 20 years of driving experience, it is difficult not to doubt whether it is a problem with the vehicle itself.

The most puzzling point is the loss of vehicle data during that time period. The vehicle had a very complete driving record data before the accident, but it is still unclear what happened to the information that was lost during the time period of the accident.

After the accident, Tesla’s relevant staff stated that the company had taken note of the accident, and currently the accident information is mainly based on the police release.Tesla will offer necessary support to the police, but it also stresses that the police will handle the investigation work and Tesla will not be able to inquire too much.

This accident has attracted public attention to the safety of electric vehicles, and repeated major accidents have similar characteristics: ultra-high speed, no brakes, and vehicle data loss. Just a few days ago, the Wenjie M7 also experienced a sudden turning off of the headlights while driving at night. The vehicle was in automatic high and low beam mode during driving, but the owner turned off the headlights due to personal needs.

Whether it is due to accidental operation by car owners or safety issues in the design of the vehicle itself, the safety of new energy vehicles has once again become a focus. How to solve problems during vehicle operation has also become an urgent issue for major car manufacturers.

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